Full Horizon Drone Services

Full Horizon Drones is a CASA approved operator and training organisation, ReOC 6478. We offer a Professional service using UAVs / Drones to cater for all of your needs.

Visual Inspections of your assets

Doing your visual inspections using a drone, will reduce the cost of the job as you don't need any scaffolding or long extension ladders. This improves the safety of your workers and anybody around.

Visual Inspections
Project Monitoring

Get a birds eye view from above for all your project monitoring needs.
This type of service will give you a better idea on how the project is progressing.
All the pictures, that you may take can also be used to go with your progress reports and show the project management team how the project is progressing.

Project Monitoring Using Drones
Stockpile Volumetric Measurement

By using Drones / UAVs for volumetric measurement, you reduce the risk of injury to workers. There is no need to climb the stockpiles. You will also get the job done in half the time it takes using old traditional ways.

Stockpile Volume Measuring

NDVI inspections
of your crops

Use the latest technology in seeing the health of your crops will reduce your operating cost. There are more and more farmers using this technology. By getting your crop health done from the air, it can alert you of any problems before you can see it with your own eyes. This means you can focus on any areas that needs more attention, reducing the time spent walking in the fields and reduce your running cost.

Become a certified drone pilot

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